Bluff Master Review

Bluff Master Review
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This Post is about Bluff Master Movie Review. The film stars  Satyadev Kancharana, Nandita Shwetha, Mahesh Achanta in the lead roles. The film is released on December 28, 2018 .

Bluff Master Review

Rating:- 6/10

Bluff Master Movie Review 

This film is a Telugu film of 2018 and is directed by Gopi Ganesh. The film is based on crime and thriller. The film depicts the story of a man who cheats on different people. There is a new twist in this film when a person fires back at this man. The film is available in Hindi on Goldmines.

There is a lot to see in this film and you will have a lot of fun while watching this film. In this film you will get to see humor, a little thrill and a little emotion. This film has been executed very well. There is nothing special in the story of this film, but the way this story is shown makes it quite interesting. The screenplay of this film is amazing so that you will not feel boredom and your interest remains with this movie. Comedy is shown well in this film and many emotions have been shown quite well between the film’s characters and actors. In this film, Satyadev is working as a lead actor, whose work is very commendable and talk about the negative point of this film, then there are some scenes which do not fit in this film and anywhere in the film, the seriousness Will not be seen and the Hindi dubbing of this film has been done quite well.

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Bluff Master Review Information

  • Family Viewing Advised: Yes
  • Rating:– 6/10
  • Language:- Hindi, Tamil
  • Platform: GoldMines Film
  • Country:- India
  • Genre:- crime & thriller
  • Release Date:- 28 Dec. 2020
  • Country:- India



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