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Unemployment-stricken youth in the country work very hard for jobs and government jobs are destined only in thousands. The governments of the central and state also make recruitment on time, but due to slow administrative steps, they are not able to complete on time.After applying for a government job, the youth gets ready for his competitive exam. There are some government jobs in which luck has to be tried even after working hard to get a position. Lakhs of candidates apply in the recruitment like police, teachers. The number of applications in central jobs like railways reached 2 crore. Competition for a post in any department became very tough.

Government jobs

Today we are going to tell you about some government jobs which require very little competition and only hard work. Trying luck is all over the place, but where to talk about hard work, the stenographer is a post for which you should have good writing speed.All departments have important posts that have confidential information. Lok Sabha Reporter in which gazetted post can be obtained only through writing speed. A Lok Sabha reporter is required to graduate and a one-year ‘O’ level computer certificate is mandatory. Only the steno’s writing speed is the standard of selection in the exam.

Competition is very less in some government jobs, among them there are many departments like library and information science, fireman, sanitary inspector, food analysis, aeronautical engineering etc. The number of applications in such departments is very less, where the examination can be passed with a little effort.The tenth pass jobs can also be seen through army rally recruitment for Sarkari naukri. After scoring all the marks in physical efficiency, the selection is also done by bringing only passable marks. No education certificate is required for the recruitment of sanitary workers in the Municipal Corporation. There is an opportunity to enter government job only through experience certificate.

Head Constable Ministerial CISF Head Constable Ministrial in Para Military Forces.It is necessary to pass 12th for this post. For this all the procedure is normal, even in the written examination, the question paper also comes in general and without negative marking. Only on the basis of typing speed, the candidate can make himself eligible for the job for this post. The merit can easily be in place once the typing speed passes. CRPF Head constable Ministrial, BSF Head constable Ministrial.

Know why the attraction of youth is more towards government jobs than private jobs

Government jobs

Today the government job is the first choice of the youth. Despite the comfortable workplace and high lifestyle available in private jobs, most people in our country still desire to get a government job. Because there is no match between the level of peace, prestige and security you get in a government job.These days, many graduates and post-graduates choose different government jobs instead of working in the private sector. And the most interesting fact is that there is no such special field or business, candidates of every field are getting attracted towards government jobs.

So a simple question arises in the mind that why Indian youth still prefer government jobs rather than private jobs? Let’s do some investigation about this: –

Below are some factors that differentiate government jobs from private jobs, due to which youth tend towards government jobs.

Job security / stability of Government Jobs

Government jobs

Government jobs are rarely affected by the ups and downs of the economy. In a government job, there is little chance that any government employee will ever lose his job. In most cases, the job will remain until the person is eligible to retire. Employees of government offices get a fixed income during their entire tenure and job security is maintained till the end.Thus government jobs are more secure than private jobs. When a candidate is appointed by the government, depending on the nature of work, you retire at the age of 58-65 years.

Whereas, in the case of personal jobs, job security is not there. The people who hire you will only pay you as long as they are making profit in the business. This thing is not limited to the benefits of the company, but your job can be considered safe as long as you prove to be beneficial for them.For example, a private company hires you at a monthly salary of 50 thousand only when they feel that we will be able to take more than 50 thousand jobs per month from this person.

And as long as you live up to the company’s hopes, then your job is safe, but as soon as the private sector company feels that the benefit they are getting from the work done by you is less than 50 thousand. You can get the company fired. On the other hand, salary and job security in a government job does not depend on your performance.

Less workload In Government Jobs

Government jobs

We all know that government jobs have least work load as compared to private jobs, as well as many facilities are available. A government employee knows which day he is going to work and for how long, so can live a more relaxed and satisfying lifestyle.

Fixed holiday In Government Jobs:

Probably the best facilities to work in the government sector is that you do not have to argue for going on holidays because you have fixed holidays every year which you are entitled to take advantage of. Not only this, as well as all government declared holidays. Will also be provided to you. At the same time, some private companies also take work from their employees on festivals like Dussehra. Which is obviously very disturbing.

Pension and other benefits In Government Jobs:

Government employees are known to get quite attractive as well as lifetime benefits from the government of our country. Providing life-long health care, pension, housing facilities as well as provident funds to government employees.

pay scale In Government Jobs:

The government job was far behind the private job in terms of salary two decades ago, due to which the attraction of youth was more towards private jobs than government jobs. But after the recommendation of the sixth and now the seventh pay commission is implemented, the pay scale of the government job has increased a lot. Now the youth not only get security and a favorable working environment in government jobs, but now they also get the money required to live a dignified life in this economistic world.

Marriage and government jobs, how to prepare for government jobs after marriage

Government jobs

In today’s materialistic era, the thinking of most of the youth has become first job and then married. Should also be because after marriage the responsibilities also increase and no person can fulfill many responsibilities without being financially empowered. After marriage, a lot of time of our life is spent playing responsibilities.

Therefore, it is a natural mindset that after marriage, you will not get time to study for getting a job. But it is not the case that after marriage, no job preparation can be done. In the society, we will find examples of many people who continued to prepare for government jobs after fulfilling their responsibilities after marriage and succeeded in setting an example. We will try to tell you through this article how we can continue our preparation even after marriage and get a government job.

Government jobs is a dream of every youth:

There was a time when every youth had a dream and a designated government job. In the private sector, jobs used to be strong, but later in the government jobs, due to corruption, knot, access, lobbying etc., the trend of people started decreasing in this direction. In the government job, its craze went down from the hearts of the people even while a lot of handsome salary in private sector attracted the youth.

Due to which talented youth started getting attracted to private jobs more than government jobs. Then the government has started again wooing the youth with new pay scale and all facilities and today again the dreams of youths are getting flummoxed.

Men or women may be doing jobs in private sectors, but in their mind, they aspire to get all the facilities, money and power by getting a place in a government job, but this dream is dreamed by the burden of time and excess of responsibilities. It remains

Government Jobs and Age of Marriage:

Twenty-five fifty years or even before today, in our Indian society, the ideal age of marriage of boys was considered to be fifteen to twenty-five years, such recognition is still prevalent in villages and towns, while this age is the age to study and make career for a youth.

There is also, but most of the boys had no choice but to agree to the marriage by agreeing to the wishes of parents and society.In such a situation, that person used to be a victim of negative thinking, filled with inferiority complex because the dream of getting a government job with which he started studying was crushed.

In such a situation, many people would have started doing business, thinking that only their option was left in private jobs, they would have been forced to do private jobs, and while rejecting their decision to get married for a lifetime, it was responsible for their failure.

The situation was worse in the case of girls, boys could still dare to postpone the period of marriage, but girls had no other option but to quietly accept the meaning of their lives in the four stove.

But in today’s era of visionary thinking, the thinking of most of the youth has become first job and then married. Parent’s wishes are also included in his thinking. The bonding of taboos on the women is also loosened, this thinking is easy and correct because after marriage a lot of wants and unwanted responsibilities come to the head and no one can fulfill these sudden increased responsibilities financially can do.

The biggest thing is that the amount of time and concentration required for preparing a job, whether male or female, is not available after marriage. But it is not as if all those who got married could not succeed even after trying for a government job, there are many men and women who work in private sectors after marriage on the strength of their government jobs. I got selected on a good number of posts.

Yes, but in such a situation, the average of success is definitely reduced because after spending time in outside work and brain, it is a bit difficult to find time to study at home. But a low average is enough to disprove the belief that ‘after marriage, hard work cannot be done to get a government job. Yes, if both husband and wife are working for earning, then dual responsibilities outside the home Preparing for a government job becomes difficult for both the people playing.

But if you keep in mind some things after marriage, then marriage will not prove to be an obstacle in the path of success in government job. Now let us tell you some tips which you can prepare by adopting in less time after marriage.

Prepare for a government jobs after marriage

Create a strategy for preparation

– Understand the importance of time

– Learn time management

– Have complete dedication to study

– positive outlook

1) Create a strategy for preparation Of Government Jobs:

Candidates who get government jobs have the opportunity to try to achieve the target within a given time frame. Since the time for studies after marriage is also short and on the other hand, the time for getting a government job is also fixed, so making strategy becomes more important. Whether it is the battlefield or the hurdles of life, in order to succeed in every field, a well-planned action plan, strategy is required.

First of all do the complete research on the syllabus prescribed for the post you have selected. And then plan how the given syllabus can be covered in the given time. Keep in mind that it is more important to study selected books covering syllabus more frequently than to read more books.

2) Understand the importance of time For Government Jobs:

Learn to use each second of time meaningfully. It has been said in the proverbs that a person missed for a moment lags far away. I would like to give an unmatched example of this here – Gruashi’s only five minutes’ delay led to the unbeatable Napoleon captivity and death of insult. So keep the pace of your feet tightly aligned with the speed of time.

Chanakya also said – the person who does not take care of time in life, his hand feels nothing but failure and remorse. So we need to learn to use every second.

3) Time management in outdoor activities –

It is said that one to two people. If the husband and wife together share the tasks and responsibilities of the household, then there can be no time management, but if the economic situation allows, then by taking help of part time med in homework, it can increase the workload. In addition to relieving fatigue, there will be more availability of time for studies.

4) Join Coaching For Preparation Of Government Jobs:

After marriage, you may not get so much time that you can prepare your own notes. Therefore, if you are not working, then you should also join coaching preparing for the government job, so that you will also get the preparation groups.
And if you are working, then obviously time will not be out in the day, so one can join evening coaching. Or you can ask for some prestigious coaching notes through correspondence.

5) Always keep the book close:

Always keep the book near you. Do not do it that you do not feel like reading right now or if any topic seems boring, then keep all the books in Alamira. Even if you do not study, you will keep the books close, then you will remain connected to the books and will be interested to read again.

6) Become a Karmayogi To Crack Government Jobs:

Stay away from luck and hold on to ritualism. History testifies that a hard working person has always touched the pinnacle of success. If working, make the weekend a witness to hard work and not laziness.

7) Logical conversation:

When there is no desire to read anything, then the husband and wife should think logically about their respective topics. If you discuss a topic, you will also remember the subject soon. If you have to prepare for the exam with optional type of questions, then ask questions to each other and tell the answer. By doing this you can easily remember the answer.

8) Stay updated About Government Jobs:

Magazines related to competitive exams must be purchased every month. Along with this, when it is tea time in the morning, at least check the news paper at once. With this, you will be able to solve the current affairs questions asked in the exam easily. Keep in mind that while reading, do not forget to underline the main salient facts. With this, you will be able to revise the magzine read after coming close to the exam in a short time.

9) Keep the goal centered For Preparation Of Government Jobs:

If you always work with the goal at the center, then surely no obstacle can stop you from achieving the goal. All that is required is to stay connected with your purpose.

10) Create a time for each job:

Staying a certain routine will not be a waste of time.
If you prepare with diligence, good use of time and optimistic thinking, then surely you can make your dream come true by creating a history of success, reaching the pinnacle of success.

Top 5 government jobs areas for women where there is glamour as well as security

Once again we have the opportunity to celebrate 8 March i.e. International Women’s Day IWD. However, it is another matter that we forget again by talking about women empowerment and their rights. Needless to say that in addition to being the main part of the society, women are also a parameter of our economic, political and social development.

Today, while women are also challenging men and women in all walks of life, we are discussing here the top 5 areas of government jobs for women through which women not only their own, their families But can also give a new direction to the country and society.

1. Government Jobs in Nursing

Talking about the healthcare sector, nursing is a profession that is considered to be the most suitable for women. Service, sacrifice and loyalty are the primary conditions for this profession, which is the common quality of women in particular.

The truth is that nursing is a profession through which care is given to helpless people, families as well as providing them the best health. Obviously, it is these women who can do justice to the specifics of this profession, so you can choose this profession for your career.

In any medical hospital, a nurse is a position that is most respected. The truth is that in this era of globalization, there are thousands of government and private hospitals in our country where there is a lot of demand for nurses. For this, you do not need to study too much.

If you want to pursue a career as a nurse, then for you Diploma in Nursing, B.Sc in Nursing etc., there are minimum medical courses which can be obtained from any recognized institute. Vacancies are always available for other posts including staff nurses in government hospitals.

However, you will be surprised to know that today private hospitals / nursing homes have opened in every small and big cities of the country, which prove that the demand for the posts of nurses has already increased.

If you start your career as a nurse, then there are more attractive ways for you to move forward in life here. The role of a nurse is very important in any hospital from a general ward to an operation theater. Of course, this is a field where only women dominate.

For nursing career it is necessary that you should be in 10 + 2 science with biology, physics and chemistry. Bachelor’s degree course (B.Sc nursing) and master’s degree course (M.Sc nursing) course can be done for career in nursing. However, in addition to this, diploma in nursing is also an important course which many health care organizations present in the country offer such as General Nursing and Midwifery diploma course.

In addition to girls who wish to become nurses, you can also take help of other courses like you can start your career with Auxiliary Nurse Midwife / Health Worker (ANM) course. You know that there is no age limit for studies, so you can think about the course ahead while staying in the job, because in this case your work experience will also be part of your profile.

2. Government jobs in teaching

You must have heard an ancient saying that “If you educate a man, you educate only one man, but if you educate a woman, you educate the whole nation.”

Needless to say that the post of teacher is always seen in the society with respect and respect. In such a situation, if you want to choose teaching as your career, then what can be better than this. As a mother, where women are aware of their children’s all round development and their future.

If they educate other children in school too, then certainly or today the evil practices prevailing in the society and country can be reduced to a great extent. Especially the lack of moral education, which is seen in today’s children, can only be reduced. In such a situation, it is necessary that women should choose teaching as their career which is safe for them as well as the demands of today’s time and circumstances.

As far as the educational qualification for becoming a teacher is concerned, to become a PGT, it is necessary that you pass B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) after graduation. This is a one-year course which can be done from any recognized private / government university / college / center. In this course, you are told the basic information related to teaching profession, required skills and techniques, etc. The minimum percentage / criterion for admission to this course is 50% in graduation.
After successfully completing the B.Ed course, you can start a career in teaching.

3. Government jobs in Defense

That moment of 2015 will be in your mind even today when US President Barack Obama was the Chief Guest of our country’s Republic Day Parade. At the Rashtrapati Bhavan, he was given a guard of honor and a 21-gun salute. But apart from this, another new history was created during this whole event … You must not have forgotten that Pooja Thakur who gave guard of honor to Barack Obama in Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Wing Commander Pooja Thakur was the first woman officer to head the Guard of Honor given to a state guest at Rashtrapati Bhavan. Yes. For the first time a woman officer led the Inter Service Guard of Honor as Wing Commander Pooja Thakur of the Indian Air Force, in front of a powerful personality like US President Barack Obama.

Now is not the time when we divide career fields according to men and women. Defense and police jobs were once dominated by men, but now women too, except their inhibitions, have achieved a new place in those areas due to their struggle and vitality. Obviously, if you too have that passion and passion, then you too can choose the job of defense and army for your career.

Since 1992, the Indian Army has started recruiting women candidates in the officer cadre and there are many opportunities available for women candidates who want to join the Indian Army.

SSCW – Non Tech – Indian Army recruits 12 women candidates as officers through open recruitment examination, which is conducted by UPSC twice a year.

SSCW (NCC) – Women NCC cadets can also join the Indian Army under the special recruitment scheme of SSCW-NCC. The Indian Army recruits 8 unmarried cadets.

Apart from this, you can also apply for these posts in Indian Army like SSCW-Technical Entry Scheme / Military Nursing Service etc. through which women candidates can join the Indian Army and serve the country.
Under this, female candidates between 21 and 35 years of age can apply for nursing work with the Indian Army.

Indian Navy Government Jobs:

There are good opportunities available for women candidates who have the passion and courage to serve their country by joining the Indian Navy. ATC – Under the educational qualification for Air Traffic Controller in the Indian Navy, the candidate should be a graduate or post graduate in the Faculty of Science ie Physics / Mathematics / Electronics.

For the post of Observer – Female candidates, it is compulsory to have graduation in any discipline with minimum 55 percent marks in the age group of 19 to 23 years and math and physics at 10 + 2 level.

Logistics – If you are interested in logistics then this is the suitable job for you. Female candidates who have a Bachelor of Engineering degree (B.Tech / B.E) in lawful architecture, computer engineering, IT, civil, electrical, marine, mechanical can apply for this.

Indian Air Force Government Jobs:

If you dream that you can touch the sky like a fighter pilot serving India, then you should consider joining the flying branch. Female candidates should be graduates as educational qualification for these posts in any discipline with 60 percent marks, as well as Mathematics and Physics at 10 + 2 level, BE / B with minimum 60 percent marks. .take. Degree

4. Government jobs in bank

Although the bank has always been a major factor in the development phase, but in today’s era of globalization, the role of the bank has become even more important. If seen from the point of view of career, then the job of bank is also very attractive and safe for women.

While other jobs of the bank are challenging including bank PO, but it also provides good opportunities for development for you.

Other types of jobs are available in the bank, including clerk / PO, for which the maximum vacancies are being announced today. Bank job is also important for you because you can apply and get a job according to different personalities and abilities.

Remember, if you are applying for Bank PO, then the minimum educational qualification for this is graduation.

Although different banks have prescribed different divisions for this, graduation is mandatory for officer level examination.

The same clerk can also apply for 10 + 2 pass. If you hold on to general knowledge / mathematics / reasoning, you can secure your career by getting a bank job only with light preparation. Bank PO is the highest level to enter the banking system, from where you can also reach the top level posts like Bank CEO, Chairman and Managing Director.

5. Government Jobs in police service

You will be surprised to know that no matter how much noise we make for women’s empowerment and their protection, statistics show that even today the number of women police personnel in many states of the country has not crossed 15 percent, and this is when When we do not get tired of making tall announcements and claims for women’s empowerment and their upliftment.

If women do not want to join the police responsible for our security, then it can be easily guessed how bad the situation will be. After all, why not… Where the incident of rape takes place in the police station with the woman who went to file a rape report, what can be expected from that system?

But the question arises that will he change himself by leaving the system in the same way and keeping the hand on hand. For this, it is necessary that women have to join the police and try to make them “women friendly”.

Today, many women involved in the police have made headlines in the media for their work. A large number of vacancies are coming out in the police today. There are posts like Inspector / Sub-Inspector for which you can apply and for this one must have graduation pass for educational qualification.

In this way, if you follow the above-mentioned routes, success will surely kiss your footsteps. It is just necessary that the husband and wife keep the path of progress by harmonizing with each other. If you become a partner of each other and understand the needs of each other, then the support of each other will be complementary to your success.

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