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This Post is about Halal Love Story Movie Review. The film stars  Parvathy Thiruvothu, Soubin Shahir, Joju George in the lead roles. The film is released on October 15, 2020 on Amazon Prime.

Halal Love Story Review




Halal Love Story:3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

Halal Love Story Movie Review

The film is released on 15 October 2020 on Amazon Prime Video. It is a Malayalam comedy drama film. The director of this film is Zakariya Mohammed. He directed Sudani from Nigeria before this film, which is rated 8.2 on IMDb. It was a wonderful film and people have a lot of expectation from this film as well.


Initially, when you start watching this film, you will have to give some time and after a while you will get lost in this movie. It is a very good film and you will enjoy while watching, just you have to give time in the beginning. The cinematography of this film is quite good and the visuals shown in the film are also quite good. The way the first song of this film has been filmed is quite impressive. You will get to see comedy in this film and the comedy timing of this film is very good, you will not get to see non-needed comedy in this film. All the actors have given their best in this film. In this film, you will get to see the cameo .In this, Parvathy and soubin have given their best performance which you will enjoy a lot. You will not feel boredom while watching this film.

The background music of this film is quite good which makes this film more good to watch. The story of this film is written in a very simple way, due to which you will be able to connect emotionally with the character of this film. The performance of all the actors in this film is quite realistic, that’s why viewers will be able to connect emotionally with this film easily. You can watch this film comfortably from beginning to end, you will not feel boredom anywhere.

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There is a lot of Miss Understanding about religion in the village, To give good information to the people, the villagers choose the path of making a film and Villagers feel that people will be able to understand the misunderstanding about religion after watching this film. Inside this film, you will see a different film in which the villagers want to reach the people through this film to remove the misunderstanding about religion.



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