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In this post we will talk about the cast of Harry Potter film. Many people have worked in this film and we will know what they are doing in 2021.

Daniel Radcliffe As Harry Potter

Harry Potter Cast 2021: Daniel Radcliffe As Harry Potter

playing super popular character always has consequences because you can be stuck in people’s heads as that character forever and to some degree or another that has happened to Daniel Radcliffe admit it you are still think of him as Harry Potter that’s why Daniel does a huge amount of weird unexpected and extravagant projects we will name some of them. How about playing a talking corpse in Swiss army man or playing a Guy pistol with pistols pinned to his hand and guns a kimbo or breaking out of prison in escape from pretoria and don’t forget about Radcliffe portraying young man  who is pathologically obsessed with your horses in the play called ekus. by the way in this play Daniel appeared completely  Naked on stage which really shocked JK Rowling specially taking into account that in the last book there was a scene where Harry was naked though it was absent In The Movie.

Harry Potter Cast 2021: Daniel Radcliffe As Harry Potter

The author joked so far the actor has done his best to get rid of the harry potter connection and continues to do so even today. Daniel most recent project is netflix’s  interactive special called unbreakable.