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Katmoviehd is a free Online Pirated movie website. This website provides the option to download movies for free. Thousands of movies are present on this website and the special thing of this web website is that it keeps updating new movies.

KatMovieHd: Free Download All Movies Hollywood & Bollywood

KatMovieHd Offical Website

This website is operated by Pakistan and is the oldest website in the market right now. All pirated movie websites copy content from this website. The domain name of this website is katmoviehd from the beginning. Although its domain is repeatedly blocked by the government due to being an illegitimate website, this website has not left the name of katMovieHD. This movie website provides a platform to download latest hollywood dual audio movies, Bollywood movies, English webseries and Hindi Webseries.

Website Information

  • Website Name:-KatMovieHd
  • Language:-Hindi, English, Tamil & Telgu
  • Movies Type:- Bollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies (dual Audio), English Tv series ,webseries, Anime , Adult Movies & wwe
  • Quality:-360P, 480P, 720P, 1080P Full Hd
  • Format:-Mkv
  • Targeting Country:-India, Pakistan , USA Bangladesh, Nepal and other different countries (Because This Website is famous all Over the world)
  • Monthly Traffic:-More than 10 Million
  • Website Rating out of 10:-9.9/10

KatMovieHd: Free Download All Movies Hollywood & Bollywood

Why government blocks Katmoviehd domain

Such a pirated film website causes a lot of damage to the film industry and despite the film being good at times, the filmmaker has to bear the loss. Producers spend crores of rupees to make a film and if a website leaks it then the audience does not go to watch the film, which causes the producer to lose a lot. Due to which the livelihood of many people is snatched away. This is the reason that leaking the film according to the Indian constitution is a legal offense and if a website does so then it is blocked and punished if caught.

if a pirated website leaks or copies a film, a DMCA notice is sent to it and on repeated mistake the domain of that website is sent to the government and then it is sent to different telecom companies. Gives After which the telecom companies block the domain name. But at some time only few companies block the domain name while some companies do not block it after which the website owner changes their domain name and redirects the old domain name to the new domain name, due to which the traffic remains.

Why is KatMovieHd so popular ?

This website is so popular because on this website you will get to see all kinds of movies, web series ,TV series and WWE movies. This website uploads 10 to 15 movies on its website every day, due to which people like to visit this website. You will be surprised to know that this website is the best in film piracy and this website has done dubbing of many films itself. Hindi dubbing of Game of Thrones Season 3 was done by this website and Hindi dubbing of many Hollywood films has also been done by this website. This website is very user friendly and you will get to see high rating movies on this website. This is the reason that this website is quite popular among the people.

How does cat movie hd make money

You all know that Google Adsense generates the most revenue and the website owner gets the most money through Google Adsense, but let me tell you that Google Adsense is not approved on the movie website.

This website buys Google Adsense from market and uses in its website. When you press the download button, you will be redirected to the AdSense website, on which you will see Google’s ad and through these ads, this website earns crores of rupees in a month, but let me tell you that this website would do this work by avoiding Google. If Google discovers that this website is generating revenue incorrectly, then it disables Adsense, but this website again buys new Adsense  and uses it again. Sometimes four to five Adsense buy this website and use each Adsense for 10 days and generate a lot of revenue in it.

Different Movie sizes on KatMovieHd

On this website you will get to see different types of movies. Through this website you can download different sizes of different movies. Below we are providing different movie sizes present on it.

  • 300Mb Movies
  • 500Mb Movies
  • 700Mb Movies
  • 900Mb Movies
  • 1Gb Movies (Bluray Quality)

Note:-Let me tell you that downloading movies from this type of website is a legal offense because piracy has increased due to these websites. These Websites promote Film Piracy which is illegal.

Some domain lists of KatMovieHd are given below

  • Katmoviehd.ch
  • katmoviehd.cc
  • katmoviehd.it
  • katmoviehd.mobi
  • katmoviehd.in
  • katmoviehd.com
  • katmoviehd.info
  • katmoviehd.me
  • katmoviehd.world
  • katmoviehd.co
  • katmoviehd.net
  • katmoviehd.co.in

Best Alternative Of KatMovieHd To Watch and Download Movies

Legal Alternatives

  • Hot Star
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Netflix
  • Disney+
  • HBO Go
  • YouTube

Illegal Alternatives

This entire website is ILLEGAL and it is not right for you at all, so you have to choose legal movies Website Like:- Netflix and amazon Prime


Theft of any film material is a crime punishable under Indian law. SarkariFlix.Com strongly opposes the piracy of such films, The purpose of the information given on this website is to make people aware and all information shown on SarkariFlix.Com is only for education purpose.

Our website advises people to stay away from these movies sites.Please stay away from these movies websites and choose legal alternative  to download movies.



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