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This post is about the Khaali peeli Review . The film stars  Jaideep Ahlawat, Vedant Desai, Deshna Dugad, Ishaan Khattar in the lead roles.

Khaali Peeli Review

Review By: ANUPAMA CHOPRA, SiteFilm  Companion

In the movies, masala is a maligned word. It’s come to mean over-the-top melodrama, hammy acting, a plot on acid in which logic is loose, anything is possible and no questions can be asked because it’s all in service of the holy grail – entertainment. With entertainment being defined in the lowbrow way that Silk meant it when she so memorably said in The Dirty Picture

 that a film only runs on three things – ‘entertainment, entertainment, entertainment aur main entertainment hoon’.

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Review By: Saibal Chatterjee, SiteNDTV Rating:1.5/5

Khaali peeli? Absolutely. There is no rhyme or reason – that is what khaali peeli means – in this Ishaan Khatter-Ananya Panday starrer that thinks – if it thinks at all – being bonkers is the best thing to be. The young lead pair strives hard to achieve some sort of chemistry. The concerted no-brakes act does not quite come off because the screenplay keeps driving the audience around the bend.

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Review By: Sreeparna, SiteTimes Of India, Rating:3/5

Back in the day, in their native village of Shivpur, when Vijay Chauhan aka Blackie was at the ripe age of 10, his Babuji (Anup Soni) was notorious for being an absolute phattu. But, by pure luck, his son is born with a mean streak and is also an ardent hustler in the making. So, perhaps to prove a point to the villagers and themselves, the father-son duo embarks on a journey of crime that is doomed from the start, again, thanks to Chauhan senior’s namby-pamby ways. Cut to 10 years later, Vijay – now earning the moniker Blackie because of his swindling schemes – is on the run and has settled in Mumbai as a local kaali peeli (hence the name, get it?) driver. But in the current day, the city is fuming with anger as the taxi association calls for a strike for an indefinite period of time until the government meets their demands.

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