La Révolution Review

La Révolution Review
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This Post Is about La Révolution Series Review. The film stars  Doudou Masta, Julien Sarazin, Ian Turiak in the lead roles. This series is released on October 16, 2020 on Netflix.

La Révolution Review

Rating:- 9.5/10

La Révolution Series Review

This Is a Netflix series based On Action, Adventure, Thriller & Drama. This series is based on the French Revolution. This series has a total of 8 episodes. As we have read in books about the French Revolution, the story is not shown in this series. Initially I thought that the story of French Revolution will be seen in this series, but the story is not the same. This series shows a disease that spread during the French Revolution, after which people started killing each other. You will have to watch this series to know its story. This series will not disappoint you and you will enjoy while watching this series. This is a very good series and it is available in French language. If you do not know French, you can watch it with English subtitles.

In this series, you will see actors like Aamir, Isabel ,lucus, Julian, Ellis. The star cast of this series is very big and many actors have worked in this series. You will see a lot of bloodshed in this series. Before watching this, you have to remove from your mind about the French Revolution, you think that the French Revolution has never happened and after that you will see this series, you will enjoy it a lot. Series makers are trying something new in this series, which you will like very much. As the story of the series progresses, all the episodes start getting very interesting .

All the actors have done amazing work in this series and you will like their work very much. Everything in this series is shown to be quite perfect and you will like everything from the sound to its background music. The graphic of this series is quite good & the camera work is brilliant. After watching this series, you will be convinced of it.

La Révolution Review Information

  • Family Viewing Advised: No ( Reason: You will see a lot of bloodshed in this series)
  • Rating:– 9.5/10
  • Language:- French
  • Platform: Netflix
  • Country:- France
  • Genre:-  Action, Adventure, Drama & thriller
  • Release Date:- 16 oct. 2020




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