Love & Anarchy Review

Love & Anarchy Review
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This Post Is about Love & Anarchy Tv Series Review. This TV series features  Reine Brynolfsson, Ida Engvoll, Erdogan Gizem in the lead role. This series is released on November 4, 2020 .

Love & Anarchy Review

Rating:- 6 /10

Love & Anarchy Tv Series Review

This Series is based on comedy, Drama & Romance. This is a swedish tv series.  Reine Brynolfsson, Ida Engvoll, Erdogan Gizem are in the lead role in this series. This TV series has a total of 8 episodes.


In this TV serial story, the character of Sophia is important who gets the job of modernizing an old publishing house and there Sophia meets an IT professional guy and things get quite serious between the two. This is a love comedy TV show .

The story of this TV show is predictable and you must have seen such a story many times. If you want to watch for entertainment then you can watch it.


The actors have not acted well in this TV show but you can watch this TV show for entertainment purpose.

Camera Work

The camera work and color correction of this TV show is quite good but the story and acting are not good.


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