Moviesverse 2021-Download Bollywood , Hollywood Movies In Hindi

Moviesflix 2020-Download Full Bollywood , Hollywood Movies In Hindi
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Moviesverse is one of the few websites in the world that maintains its reign in movie downloading websites. Moviesverse provides Hindi movies, Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Telugu movies for free.

If many do not know about Moviesverse, then today we will tell you how you can use this website and whether there will be any danger in using this website, we will also tell this thing.

This post describes the Moviesverse Movie website, how you can use this website and how to download a movie for free.

Is Moviesverse for real?

Yes, it is a fact that this website really does exist and if you search moviesflix occasionally, then you cannot find this website, this is because all the news websites get their website ranked for traffic on the Moviesverse keyword.

The second reason is that the domain of Moviesverse is repeatedly blocked by the government, due to which it is not found even after searching.

What is Moviesverse?

Moviesflix 2020-Download Full Bollywood , Hollywood Movies In Hindi

Moviesverse is an illegal downloading movie website that offers foreign web series, TV series, Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, Telugu movies and Indian web series for free.

On the Moviesverse, you will find a lot of your favorite Bollywood and Hollywood movies in Hindi and if you are fond of watching TV series and web series, then you will get all these things easily on Moviesverse, that too in dual audio (Hindi+English).

You can download movies and TV series in full HD from Moviesverse in excellent quality. This website is a whole package of entertainment.

As you know that film piracy in India is a legal crime, so the domain of films is repeatedly blocked by the government and all this is done to prevent film piracy.

Why is Moviesverse so famous?

  • Moviesverse is famous because it is a free movie downloading website. This Website has a huge collection of movies and TV series on this website.
  • Many movie downloading websites are available in the market but none like the Moviesverse because there is no malware problem on this website.
  • This website does not have much ad problem, so this website is user friendly.

Why is MoviesFlix popular All Over The World?

  • The look of this website is designed to be very simple and quite user friendly.
  • This website has a different type of category and you can use this category to search movies and download movies after searching.
  • If you do not have much mobile data left in your phone, then you can also download 300mb movies from this website, which will save your data a lot.
  • If you open any movie post by visiting this website, then you will get all the information about that movie written in that post, such as:-movie quality , screenshot of Movie, IMDb rating of movie,storyline of movie.

By visiting this website, you can download your favorite movies for free, this website gives the option of search button, on which you can search and download your favorite movies.

Moviesflix 2020-Download Full Bollywood , Hollywood Movies In Hindi

Secrets OF Moviesflix

The secret of Moviesverse is that when you download a movie from this website, it is downloaded at a great speed. The reason behind this is that this website uses Google Drive and the firebase of Google Cloud.

You will know that Google Cloud gives a credit of $ 300 for 1 year. You can use it for 1 year. Moviesverse uses Google Cloud’s Firebase account and uploads all the movies with the help of RDP and this website uses link shortner to short movies link and put it in the website. Which makes downloading all the movies very fast.

In this, Moviesverse does not have to spend much money, if you talk about Indian currency then it costs only ₹ 1 for 1 year and thus this website Earns crores.

Moviesflix 2020-Download Full Bollywood , Hollywood Movies In Hindi

Moviesverse Website Information

  • Website Name:-Moviesverse
  • Language:-Hindi, English, Tamil, Telgu
  • Movies Type:-  Hollywood Movies (dual Audio),Bollywood Movies, English Tv series & webseries, Games & Animation Movies
  • Quality:-360P, 480P, 720P, 1080P Full Hd, 4K Ultra Hd
  • Format:-Mkv
  • Targeting Country:-India, USA, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh including Asia and europe continent (This website is famous All over The world)
  • Monthly Traffic:-30 Million Per Month
  • Website Rating out of 10:-9/10

How Does This Website Earn Money

Moviesverse give people the opportunity to download movies for free, but this makes people understand that the movie website will not have any earnings, which is totally wrong to think.

Movies websites make a lot of money and their money is a means of advertising. If you go to this movie website, you will see the advertisement.

Moviesflix 2020-Download Full Bollywood , Hollywood Movies In Hindi

This movie website uses three types of referencing domains in which 2 domains are used for link shortner and third domain are used for placing links of link shortner and there are advertisements on these three domains, which makes these website earn big money.

And with the help of these advertisements, this website makes about 3 million Indian rupees each month . If you convert it to dollars, it will be $ 3000.

Moviesverse has an app OR Not?

Moviesverse website runs an application. where you will get a lot of movies, through this application , you can enjoy movies online and with the help of this application.

you can also download movies, using this application is very easy. And it is user friendly.

What are the various categories I will find on Moviesverse?

After visiting the website, there are different categories on this website so that the user does not have any problem.

You will get the detail of all the categories below that how many categories have been given in this website?


When you visit this website, you will first get to see a category called Movies, in which many types of movies have been added.

There are many types of sub-categories within the movies category, I am telling you the details of this below.

  • Latest Released

You will first find a sub-category called the latest release within the Movies category.All the new movies in this sub category have been released recently.

You will find all those films in this sub-category.

Moviesflix 2020-Download Full Bollywood , Hollywood Movies In Hindi

  • Hollywood

Inside movies, you will find another sub-category of Hollywood, in this category you will find all the Hollywood movies.

  • Dual Audio

Within movies, you will find the third sub-category of dual-audio, in which many Hollywood movies have been made available in dual audio and if you do not understand English.

Then you can download the dual audio movie by going to this subcategory and You will have the option of both Hindi and English audio.

  • Multi Audio

If you like to watch multi-audio movies, then in the sub-category of movies, you will get the fourth option of multi-audio, by which you can download multi-audio movies.

  • Hindi Movies

Within Movies, you will find a sub-category named Hindi Movies and you can download Hindi movies by going to this sub-category.

  • English Movies

Within Movies, you will find a sub-category named English Movies and you can download English movies by going to this sub-category.

In this sub-category, you will get Hollywood films.

  • Adult Movies

If you are fond of adult movies, Then you will find a sub-category in the category of movies called Adult Movies from where you can download adult movies.

  • Asian Movies

If you belongs to countries like:- India, Pakistan ,China, Sri Lanka, Nepal ,Afghanistan then you will find a sub-category of Asian Movies within the Movies category on Moviesverse from where you can download Asian movies.

  • Hacking Movies

If you like to watch hacking movies, then you will find a sub-category named Hacking Movies from the category of movies from where you can download these types of movies.


The second category you will find on Moviesverse is Genre. In this category you will get 10 types of sub-category which is the following.

  • Action

This website has a large collection of action movies and you can download action movies from here. This category will help you in downloading action movies.

  • Adventure

If you like to watch adventure movies, then this category is made for you, by going to this category, you can select and download adventure movies.

  • Animated

If you like watching animation movies, then you can go to this category and download animation movies.

  • Comedy

If you like to watch Hollywood comedy movies, then by going in this category, you can watch your favorite comedy film.

  • Crime

If you are fond of crime and thriller movies, then you can go to this category and download your favorite movies

  • Fantasy

There is a large collection of fantasy movies on this website and if you want to watch fantasy movies then you can download the movie by going to this category.

  • Horror

If you like to watch horror movies like:- Insidious then you can go to this category and download Horror movies.

  • Mystery

If you are fond of mystery films, then you can download mystery movies by going to this category.

  • Science Fiction

There is a repository of science fiction films on this website and if you like watching science fiction movies, you can download them from here.

  • Romance

If you like watching romantic movies, then you can go to this category and select your romantic movies.


The third category is of the year and you can download movies released in different years by going to this category.

In this category, you can download all the movies released since 1980 till now. There are 10 sub-categories in this category which are as follows.

  • 2020
  • 2018
  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2010-2015
  • 2005-2010
  • 2000-2005
  • 1990-2000
  • 1980-1990

In the above 5 sub-category, you will see that 5 years or 10 years are linked together, because all the films released in these 5 years or 10 years have been put in this category.


You will get the fourth category i.e. quality on Moviesverse, in this you will get to see sub-categories of different quality which are the following.

  • 300Mb Movies
  • 500Mb Movies
  • 700 Movies
  • 900 Movies
  • 1Gb Movies
  • 480P Movies
  • 720P Movies
  • 1080P Movies
  • 4K Ultra Hd

5-Tv Shows

You will get the fifth category of TV shows, in which 11 types of sub-categories have been given.

  • Action Series
  • Adventure Series
  • Animation Series
  • Comedy Series
  • Crime series
  • Drama Series
  • Horror Series
  • Mystery Series
  • Romance Series
  • Sci-Fi Series
  • Romance Series

The kind of TV series you want to watch, you can download by using these categories.

6- WebSeries

You will get the sixth category as web series and in this category 6 sub-category is given which is as follows.

  • Hindi Dubbed
  • English
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Hulu

Different Movie sizes on Moviesverse

Movies of various sizes are available on the Moviesverse web site and one of the most searched category of 300mb Movies is available on this website from where you can download the movie by spending less data.

Below we are providing different movie sizes present on Moviesverse .

  • 300Mb Movies
  • 500Mb Movies
  • 700Mb Movies
  • 900Mb Movies
  • 1Gb movies
  • Some movie sizes are greater than 3gb or more than 5gb (4K Ultra Hd)

Is Moviesverse legal?

Moviesverse is not a legal website as this website promotes film piracy, which is a legal offense that causes a lot of damage to filmmakers.

The domain of this film website is repeatedly blocked so that the film piracy can be stopped. If any website steals the film and promotes film piracy, then that website is criminal in the eyes of law.

Is watching movies on Moviesverse legal?

Watching movies online on Moviesverse is a legal offense because film piracy is a legal offense in India, so be careful if you watch movies online on Moviesverse.

People are nowadays preferring to watch movies online on Moviesverse as foreign movies do not seem to be much in India and TV series are not available to watch so people like to watch movies and TV series online on Moviesverse but online movies Watching on Moviesverse is a legal offense.

Why Moviesverse site is not working?

I am going to answer this question in detail. It is illegal to run a movies website in India or all over the world because the movies website promotes film piracy. Due to which the filmmakers have to suffer a lot.

Though there are some legal websites from where you can download movies and watch movies online. These websites invest money in making their own film so they are brought under the category of legal websites like:- Netflix ,Amazon Prime Video.

If you download movies from legal website or want to watch movies online, then you have to pay money and people prefer to download movies from the illegal website to avoid paying money, which is a legal offense.

Indian government repeatedly blocks the domain of movies website to prevent film piracy. You must have noticed that the website which was opening 1 day ago suddenly stopped opening because it happened because the domain of that website was blocked by the government.

however when you change the SIM for example if you are using jio sim now and suddenly the website stopped opening, then if you shift to Airtel, then the website will open because at one time one SIM company blocks the Domain. Then the website owners shift that website to a new domain and redirect it to the old domain, so that their traffic remains on that website and they do not incur any loss, so Moviesverse are not working. However you will find the working link below.

List of Movies & Tv Series recently leaked by Moviesverse

  • BloodShot 2020
  • Birds Of Prey 2020
  • Fantasy Island
  • Joker
  • Do Little
  • John wick Chapter 3
  • Bad Boys For Life
  • Star Trek Picard Tv series Dual Audio (Hindi+ English)
  • The Way Back
  • The Invisible Man
  • Netflix Go Karts
  • The Grudge
  • Escape From Pretoria
  • NetFlix The Protector (Latest Season)
  • Mid Way
  • Ip Man 4
  • Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs & Shaw
  • Angel Has Fallen
  • Aladdin
  • Men In Black: International
  • Vikings All seasons
  • Game Of Thrones
  • SuperGirl Season 4
  • The Witcher

Note:-Let me tell you that downloading movies from this type of website is a legal offense because piracy has increased due to these websites. These Websites promote Film Piracy which is illegal.

Some domain lists of Moviesverse are given below

The admin of Moviesverse is always changing the Domain name so that even after Domain is blocked, the visitor does not fall.

Here are some list of Moviesverse domain

  • Moviesverse
  • Moviesflix

Best Alternative Of Moviesverse To Watch and Download Movies

Legal Alternatives

  • Youtube
  • HotStar
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Disney+
  • mx Player
  • Alt Balaji
  • Sony Liv
  • Zee5

Illegal Alternatives

  • Movieskiduniya
  • HubFlix
  • KatmovieHd
  • Tamilrockers
  • Khatrimaza
  • Worldfree4u
  • Filmy4wap
  • Hdmoviearea
  • Bolly4u
  • Pagalworld
  • FilmyZilla
  • 9x Movies
  • MoviesPoint

This entire website is ILLEGAL and it is not right for you at all, so you have to choose legal movies Website Like:- Netflix and amazon Prime.


Theft of any film material is a crime punishable under Indian law. SarkariFlix.Com strongly opposes the piracy of such films, The purpose of the information given on this website is to make people aware and all information shown on SarkariFlix.Com is only for education purpose.

Our website advises people to stay away from these movies sites.Please stay away from these movies websites and choose legal alternative  to download movies.



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