Shared Hosting All Deatils
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Today in this post, we will talk about shared hosting And we will also know how to make a website live through shared hosting.

New bloggers start their website with the help of shared hosting.As the new blogger gets success, he keeps on upgrading the hosting.

If you are a new blogger and want to start your website, then in the beginning you should  buy a shared hosting.

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Shared Hosting All Deatils

What Is Shared Hosting ?

  • It means sharing the hosting. The hosting company has a large server and can provide thousands of connections through this server.
  • If the company is giving a connection to a lot of people, it means that the company has a big server and that is why the company is selling hosting to so many people.
  • If the company has a small server then it will not be able to sell hosting to more people.
  • This means that more capable servers, hosting companies will sell to more people.

Why you should buy shared hosting

  • Starting a website is an easy task but it costs a lot.It costs the most to buy hosting.
  • If you start a new website, initially you will not get much traffic.Therefore there will not be much load on your server.
  • you should know that the cost of hosting is very high and if you are an initial blogger then you can get hosting in less money.
  • You can start your website with very little money and for this you will have to buy shared hosting Because its price is very low.
  • You can purchase hosting ranging from ₹20 to ₹ 100 a month.
  • In this you will not have to spend much and your website will easily go live on the Internet.
  • Let me tell you that there are some advantages of this hosting, there are also some disadvantages.
  • Let’s know about the advantages and disadvantages of this hosting.

Advantage Of Shared Hosting

  • The first advantage is that it is very easy to use.If you are a beginner blogger and you do not know anything about technology, then you can easily run the website with the help of this hosting.
  • The company will provide you with a control panel when you buy this hosting With the help of this, you can manage your website easily.
  • If you have installed WordPress then you can manage it with the help of control panel.
  • You can get this hosting for a very low price.If you are a beginner blogger and do not have budget then you can easily make your website with the help of this hosting.
  • Perfect hosting for a small website.

Disadvantage Of Shared Hosting

  • Everyday traffic inside your website is increasing and if you want to use this hosting continuously then this is the biggest loss for you.
  • Due to high traffic, you will have to leave this hosting because on high traffic this hosting does not work well .Again and again your site will not open, due to which your ranking can be very poor, so you have to buy  dedicated server or VPS .
  • Shared hosting cannot handle a lot of traffic, so you will have to purchase a dedicated server OR VPS.