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Today we will talk about the top 10 Highest Rated Web Series In World.Seeing these web series will make you happy.Do watch these web series to entertain yourself.

Top 10 Highest IMDB Rated Web Series Dubbed In Hindi

10- MR Robot

Top 10 Highest Rated Web Series

Mr. Robot is at number 10. It is a Thriller,drama show rated 8.5 on IMDB. This web series featured drama, cybercrime and psychological thrills.There is a guy in this series who is a cyber security engineer and he puts his simple life into the problem as he ventures into the world of cybercrime. The story of this web series is amazing and the performance of the actor is amazing.

This web series has won two Golden Globe Awards.Its four series have been released so far in which you will also get three series Hindi dubbed.

9- Vikings

Top 10 Highest Rated Web Series

This web series is rated 8.5 on IMDb.The special thing of this web series is that all its characters are quite strong and all the actors have given tremendous performance.


Due to the strong character and good storyline, this is still very popular and the show has a huge fan base.This epics show has completed 5 seasons so far and the first episode of the sixth season is completed and the rest of the episode is going to be released soon.


Top 10 Highest Rated Web Series

This web series is rated 8.6 on IMDb. This Webseries is based on Crime & Thriller.In this web series, Story  is focused on 2 FBI agents who interview serial killers to understand them and reduce crime.

If you are fond of crime thriller web series then this is the best for you.So far 2 seasons of this web series have been released.


Top 10 Highest Rated Web Series

It is an action crime, drama series rated 8.6 on IMDb.This series is based on Marvel Comics’  Daredevil character.In this series you will see the story of a child who is blind since childhood, but he has made th is weakness his strong point and with the help of it he fights the criminal so that he can save his city.So far 3 seasons of this web series have been released.

6- The Crown

Top 10 Highest Rated Web Series

It is a historical drama series rated 8.7 on IMDB.This series is focused on the life of Queen Elizabeth Second.This series shows us their life-related important events from 1947 to  Early Twenty First Century.In this series, we sees the politics, romance and relationship of Queen Elizabeth Second.If you like historical drama then you will like it very much.

5- Narcos

Top 10 Highest Rated Web Series

It is a biographical crime-drama series which has got 8.8 IMDb rating. It is an amazing crime drama So Hai Fridge is busy on story drinking.The story of this series is based on Drug King In which shows the rise and fall of the drug mafia.

Three seasons of this series have been released, of which the first and second seasons are still available in Hindi.

4- Black Mirror

Top 10 Highest Rated Web Series

It is a science fiction series rated 8.8 on IMDb. This series explores the relationship of Humanity with new technology.  this series shows how much technology has impacted human life.You will get to see something new in every episode of it.

This is a popular series that you should not miss at all, so far 5 seasons have been released.In its every season, you will get to watch 6 episodes of it.

3- Stranger things

Top 10 Highest Rated Web Series

It is a science fiction horror series.This series has a large international fanbase. This Series won many prizes in the field of acting, Direction & Sound.

In this series, it is shown that a young boy suddenly disappears, then his mother friends and the police all try to bring him back after facing super natural things.Three seasons have been released so far of this series.

2- Game Of Thrones

Top 10 Highest Rated Web Series

Game of Thrones is a fantasy drama series rated 9.3 on IMDb, the series has won a lot of awards.The series was criticised for nude nudity and sex violence.The final season of this series has been very disappointing. Barring the final season, it is the best web series to date.This series has 8 seasons & Each season contain 8-10 episodes.

1- Chernobyl

Top 10 Highest Rated Web Series

It is a Historical Drama Miniseries rated 9.4 on IMDb. The series is based on the 1986 Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster.This series puts many unknown factors in front of us.In this series, we are shown the firefighters and Volunteer who tried hard to stop the bad effects of this disaster.This miniseries has 5 episodes and all are excellent.



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