Step-by-Step Guide to Invest in Bitcoin in India

If you had invested ₹10,000 in Bitcoin, it would have been worth ₹25000 now and if we go back to the past (November 2021) then it would have been ₹77000 now.

To invest in any cryptocurrency you will need a cryptocurrency exchange platform. Sun Crypto is the best platform to buy Bitcoin.

You'll have to install Sun Crypto app and create your account on it.

After creating account, you'll have to complete your KYC to buy any asset.

To buy a crypto, you'll need to deposit funds in your account. So add your Bank account to your account.

Transfer money from your bank account to your Sun Crypto account. You'll only be able to transfer money from the bank's personal banking app.

When money will be deposit successfully to Sun Crypto account. You'll be able to buy Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

To buy Dogecoin, Go to Markets option in Sun Crypto's menu and search "Bitcoin" and select it and buy it for the amount you want.

I glad to know that you' have successfully invested in Bitcoin in India. You can read this post  below to understand the process more easily. Thank You!

Image Credits: Google